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Magic Falger & Ela Drag specialize in real estate services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga

Buying a house - basics

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Selling a house - basics

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Selling a house - Listing vs. Renovating

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As the ultimate answer is deep in your heart there is a number of factors you should consider:
  • Why are you thinking of listing?
  • Why are you thinking of renovating?
  • What is your budget for purchase of ideal new home?
  • What is your ideal location for a new home?
  • What is your budget for a renovation?
  • How much space do you really need?
  • What is it that you like about your current location?
Have a few contractors and architects to give you a quote on your dream renovation. Ask for a written estimates from well established renovation companies. It is wise to add 15-20% to an estimated quote for unforeseen expenses. If the numbers exceed the average sale price in your neighbourhood it might be wise to reconsider listing. Overdoing your current home may not bring expected jump in value when you sale. Some finishings might be simply to expensive or to exotic in compare to houses in your nearest surrounding.

Also think about building permits and drawings preparation. As an architect might be of help with those the ultimate responsibility is on the homeowner shoulders. Your property might be neighbouring with a conservation area (if you own a ravine lot). In this case additional permits might be required even before you submit your drawings to a city hall. Additional city bylaws, zonings and regulations might restrict your eager for additional space in your current home.

Here is where a professional Realtor® may serve you with more suitable solution. Knowing your budget is a key. It will determinate what you can or can’t afford and how far your dollar will go. Here is where Ela Drag and Magic Falger can help. With years of experience in renovation industry and real estate they are sure to help you with your decision.

Your Oakville Realtors® - Our backgrounds

Ela Drag - Sales Representative

Ela brings years of experience in the accounting field supported by a Bachelor and Master degree in Economics and Accounting. As a Realtor® she definitely can understand the needs that a family has. Driven by that she is sure she can get the right number for you.
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Magic Falger - Sales Representative

Magic has a Bachelor & Master degree in Marketing and Management so you will be sure that your home gets the most exposure when listed. Besides that he had been running his own General Renovation company for several years.
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With all those skills combined we can definitely bring you closer to your dream home.

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