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Magic Falger & Ela Drag specialize in real estate services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga

Buying a house - basics

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Selling a house - basics

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House Hunting - Oakville Real Estate Agents

Magic Falger & Ela Drag sepcialize in full range of real estate services in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga

House Hunting Process

Once you receive your mortgage pre-approval letter and you ready to start hunting for a perfect house your next step is to find a Realtor®.
Armed with his knowledge of a local real estate market you are sure to succeed. Call Ela Drag and Magic Falger to arrange for a no obligation meeting and to discuss your housing needs.

Maximum House Price

Usual starting point is determining the maximum house price. For the first time buyers this is sometimes a difficult part. Careful budget planning is a key. Your maximum mortgage pre-approval amount might not be what you really can afford. Consider home maintenance costs, phone and hydro bills, property taxes, condo fees (if any), cable, etc. After calculating your monthly mortgage payments and deducting all additional costs you will be left with a number reflecting the maximum house price.

For experienced house hunters with their first house sale behind, this process is easier to follow. With equity from a previous house they are more likely to obtain a preferable mortgage rate. Not all is lost for a first time home buyers. There are some government incentives like Land Transfer credit and Income Tax credit to help them with this important purchase.

Narrow down search area - Oakville neighbourhoods

Next step is to narrow down the area of search. Stay open minded. Don’t concentrate on one and only neighbourhood. It might take some time for a dream house to popup on a real estate market in a small area of search. Consider a few similar neighbourhoods with similar house prices, highway access, amenities, schools, etc. For example: Bronte, Falgarwood, River Oaks in Oakville. This will increase your chances for successful house hunting in shorter period.

Then determine what is it that you are expecting from a prefect house. It is a good idea to separate needs from wants. For example: You have a family of three. You need two full bathrooms, three to four bedrooms, storage, double garage and family room. What you might want is: master ensuite with a freestanding tub, long driveway, chef’s kitchen, etc. Try to aim for your needs rather than wants and you will find your dream house sooner.

Start House Hunting

Finally you are ready to start house hunting. Dedicate an hour or two daily for a process of search and showings. Ask your Realtor® to set up an automated email notification service from MLS®. It will instantly inform you about new houses on a real estate market that reflects your search criteria.

Looking for a house - engage the family

Bring your spouse, kids or family members for showings. They will help you notice things that you are looking for in a house. Be prepared to see houses on a short notice. A good deal doesn’t last long. You have to act fast before some other house hunter steals your dream house.

Stay in touch with your Real Estate Agent

Stay in touch with your Realtor®. Real estate is a 24/7 business. You never know when a new listing with a house of your interest will appear on a market. Houses already listed may change their status. From conditional sale to active or a price reduction. Your Realtor® is there to inform you about those changes and available options. Contact Ela and Magic today to set up automated notification system about new houses in your search area. There is no obligation and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Trust your Real Estate Agent and his or her expertise in today’s real estate market.

If a house of your dreams finally shows up, offer a competitive bid. Chances are that by the time you make an offer you will be educated buyer and so will be a seller. Their Realtor® took care to inform them about previous sales on the steer and in the neighbourhood. Lowball offer may offend home sellers and buying your new home might be in jeopardy. Trust your Realtor® and his or her expertise in today’s real estate market. They are here to help.